What Are The Best Roofing Systems

What are The best Commercial Roofing Systems?

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They specialize in customer satisfaction, on time job completion, and staying within the existing quote. Today we will be talking about Bunkum Valley Roofing and the best commercial roofing systems.

If you clicked on this post you must be one of two people. Either you know the basics of commercial roofing and you want to know the best systems around, or you have no idea what commercial roofing is or how it’s done.

If you are in the first group I mentioned you will have to read a little farther into the post, but if you are in the second group you are in luck because I will explain that right now.

Commercial roofing is a different kind of roofing, it requires a lot of skill and needs a great deal of care. Commercial roofing systems are traditionally put on large buildings, these large buildings require a lot of electricity to be heated but the problem was that the roofing systems pre 1977 were not very economical or “green” if you will.

With this great problem at hands Conklin decided to invent acrylic roof coatings, ” what are acrylic roof coatings” you may ask? Acrylic roof coatings are specially designed coatings that reflect the sun’s rays and save the building owner up to 30% in energy savings.

energy efficient diagram

I know 100 degrees is a hot outside temperature but when it comes to roof surface temperature it’s almost cold.

 The Best Commercial Roofing Systems


Commercial metal roofing is the most popular in the Conklin lineup, one of the reasons for this is it looks really good, but don’t let its good looks fool you this roofing system is one of the best on the market. The roofing system is a complete roofing system it stops leaks, inhibits rust ad will bring lasting protection to you and your building.

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Fabric Reinforced

Fabric Reinforced is a double hitter when it comes awesomeness, this system combines the seamless capabilities of a liquid applied system and the flexibility of a spray foam roof, this combination makes a great roofing system that could save you up to 30% in energy bills. Who doesn’t like saving money?


Spray Foam

Sprayed polyurethane foam roofing systems have been engineered to provide a superior energy-efficient, long-lasting roof for any building. Foam roofing offers excellent insulation value and a smooth, durable, seam-free barrier against the elements. This Roofing System is so light it can be applied over most existing roof systems without exceeding the structural load capacity. Yet it’s amazingly strong, easily withstanding light foot traffic and other weight requirements. SPF has a long history in the roofing and coatings market where SPF roofs have recorded service lives in excess of 40 years performing in spite of nature’s highly destructive elements.

Commercial Roofing Sprayed Polyurethane Foam 1


If your old membrane roof has begun to leak, pick up dirt, or cracks, consider getting a Conklin membrane roofing system. This roofing system is meant for restoring a roof and giving it a chance against the elements, additionally it will bring you great savings in energy costs.

Commercial Roofing Sprayed Polyurethane Foam 1


A single-ply roof is the strongest and most flexible in the Conklin lineup. The reason for this is during the installation process the membrane rolls are unrolled and welded together to form a super strong finished roof that will provide lasting protection for years to come. These roofing system are so strong that some of the them have withstood 140 mph winds and baseball size hail.

single ply 5

 Some Of Our Customer Reviews

“We had six companies look at our roof and quote us as price. Jason explained everything better than any of the other companies and the price was fair with everyone else. They did an outstanding job and did others building in the area. Great company, great people and great work.”

“Bumkum Valley Roofing did a very good job assisting us with a roof leak problem at our residence. Jason and his staff were very organized, on time, efficient and effective. The final bill was as quoted and we have had no water leak issues since the repair.”

“A+++++ Bunkum Valley Roofing did a spectacular job on our shop roof. A large job that needed sections replaced, areas repaired. They did an excellent job fixing the roof. Then they sealed and coated the entire roof. From step one to completion they handled everything efficiently, expertly, professionally always on time and the crew was fantastic. Always keeping the area clean and safe. Jason was very informative, polite and helpful thoroughly explaining the processes and checking in everyday of the repairs with updates and making sure we were taken care of. Thanks Jason and to everyone at Bunkum Valley Roofing! It takes a team of professionals to do such a great job with excellent customer service. We highly recommend them and if the need arise call them for any future needs. Julie B M&M Exclusive Body Works, Evansville IN.”

“Owning a building that’s 130yro and having Bunkum work with me, listen to me, and do and excellent job was awesome. 4 years later I found an issue and they came and fixed it immediately. A+++++ from this business owner. Great Job!!!”


The moral of this super entertaining story is that if your are getting leaks in your roof or starting to see rust please give us a call. If you are looking for an expert roofing contractor with the greatest roofing systems around and you live in the communities of Jasper, Evansville, Bedford, Washington Indiana well you are in luck my friend because you just found the best in the business.

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