Repairing a commercial roof can be a real challenge. It takes a knowledge of the types of commercial roofs out there and most importantly, the best products to make your roof leak free and long-lasting. When it comes to roof restoration systems, none are as trusted as Conklin roofing systems. We are Conklin roofing experts and will provide you the best option for your commercial roof.

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Metal Roof Restoration

Bunkum Valley Roofing’s Tested Metal Restoration Process Makes Your Metal Roofing Look Brand-New.

Metal roofs have many advantages. They are fairly inexpensive, lightweight, and tough. Eventually however, the finish will wear off. You’ll have rust and leaks to deal with. To help you overcome these obstacles and guard against future troubles, we offer industry-leading Conklin metal roof restoration products. These roofing solutions not only add decades of life to any existing roof, but also are among the most affordable choices, as well.

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  • Reduce rooftop temperatures by up to 80°
  • Strong rust resistance and protection
  • Renewable warranty coverage up to 18 years
  • ENERGY Star® certification & tax advantages
  • Class A fire resistance-certified roofing
  • Hurricane-force wind resistance
  • Little upkeep and maintenance requirements
  • Better Heat Reflection

Single-Ply Roof Membrane

Single-Ply Roof Membranes Are Tough, Long-lasting, and Might Just be What You Need

Bunkum Valley Roofing installs single ply roof membranes on new construction and existing buildings in the Loogootee, Evansville and Bloomington, IN area. The process is efficient because we install your single ply membrane roof membrane system on your existing roof. Our expert contractors then weld the seams to keep your roof neat and in place.

Single ply membrane roofs are a great choice for commercial buildings, especially those with concrete, wood or steel decks. Call (812) 203-8250 or 888-502-9320 for a free estimate on your installation.

Single Ply Before
Single Ply After

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  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Resists damage from chemicals and acidic rain
  • Inexpensive and easy to install
  • ENERGY Star® certification & tax advantages
  • UL fire rated
  • Highly water-resistant and stops leaks
  • Better Heat Reflection
Membrane Restoration Before
Membrane Restoration After

Membrane Roof Restoration

Our Membrane Roof Restoration System Might be Just What Your Old Membrane Or Rubber Roof Needs.

As a Southern and Central Indiana or Northern Kentucky commercial building owner, you know that Flat or Low Sloped Roofs have certain problems generally associated with them. These problems can affordably be solved with roof coatings which are engineered to eliminate never-ending leaking, ponding and rapid deterioration caused by the various elements which can occur with flat or low slope roofs.

Types of flat & low slope roofs we specialize in

Elastomeric Roof Coatings

Elastomeric is an elastic coating which goes on as a liquid, then the acrylics dry to a seamless, bright clean and modern coating that prolongs the life of your roof. It will expand and contract; in the summer heat, it will stretch. After dark, the membrane goes back to its original size. No cracks, leaks or bubbles.

EPDM & Rubber Coatings

This is a complete waterproofing system that significantly improves the building’s energy efficiency. Each problem area is systematically addressed during the restoration process. The entire roof is then sealed with a reflective finish coat that also cools the roofing surface, cutting cooling costs by 20%.

Asphalt Roof Coatings

With the high cost of asphalt roofing, roof replacement is expensive compared to some coatings. Roll asphalt generally only lasts 10 years. You can add up to 20 years to that useful life.

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  • Save on roofing tear off and disposal costs
  • No need for repeated/constant roof leak repair
  • Speeds up the time or restoring your roof
  • Application is less disruptive and requires a small crew
  • Cooler roof surface
  • Little upkeep and maintenance requirements
  • Better Heat Reflection
Roof Coatings Before
Roof Coatings After

Roof Coatings

Our Fabric Reinforced Membrane Roofing Might be Just What You Need.

Protect your roof from leaks, damage and aging. Bunkum Valley Roofing installs Conklin fabric reinforcements at commercial properties in Loogootee, Evansville and Bloomington, IN. We’re so confident in our products and processes that our fabric reinforced membrane roofing systems come with an 18-year warranty.

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  • Extends the life of your property’s roof
  • As durable as a single-ply roofing
  • As leak-proof as a spray foam roof
  • Dirt-resistant finish
  • Fast application – minimizing work-site congestion
  • Non pro-rated material warranties are available

Spray Foam Roofing

Our Spray Polyurethane Foam System Waterproofs and Insulates the Roof on Your Commercial Property.

Stop Roof Leaks On Your Commercial Roof. This protective foam can be used on both flat and sloped roofs, and it can be used with nearly any roofing material. Spray foam works best on:

  • Metal
  • Concrete
  • Wood
  • Composite Decking
  • Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer Rubber
  • Built-up Roof Membrane
  • Modified Bitumen

Our roofers will spray a three-pound closed cell foam on your roof. We’ll then waterproof your new roof and apply a base coat and a top coat to seal it. Once we’re finished, your roof will stay sealed and protected for years. Call (812) 203-8250 or 888-502-9320 for a free estimate on your spray foam installation.

Reach out to Bunkum Valley Roofing to learn more about the benefits of spray foam roofing!


  • Completely seamless. (Seams are the most common source of roof leaks)
  • Used on both flat and sloped roofs. You don’t have to undergo a huge reconstruction process to protect your roof.
  • Thick and durable. Spray foam protects your roof for years
  • ENERGY Star® certification & tax advantages
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Reduced sound transmission

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