Foam Roof Restoration in Montezuma Indiana

 We have just completed a Spray Foam Roof in Montezuma IN, and today I will be telling you how we restore a spray foam roof. I will start by listing the steps associated with this roofing system, and then explain the steps in detail. Sit back and enjoy.


STEP 1: Clean your roof with a concentrated cleaner.

The concentrated cleaner they use is designed to remove cement haze, lime deposits, rust deposits, hard water stains and much more. This cleaner is made to clean years of rust, grease, and dirt buildup.

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STEP 2: Power wash your roof.

This additional step in the cleaning procedure ensures that all the dirt, water stains, and discoloration is thoroughly removed. Because if not your roof will not stick to the structure or last as long as intended.

First And Second Coats

STEP 3: Spray the layer of polyurethane spray foam.

This layer of foam is important because if this step did not exist the water would have a very easy time penetrating into your roof and permanently damage the plywood (or what have you) under your roof.

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STEP 4: Apply coat of either Puma XL, Rapid Roof lll, Equinox, or Benchmark.

Each waterproofing product listed above is a great way to coat your roof, but each one is different and the one Bunkum Valley Roofing will be using on your project will be decided by Bunkum Valley Roofing.

Final Coat

STEP 5: Apply a top coat of closed-cell foam

The final step of the spray foam system is to lay down a top coat of closed-cell foam that reflects the suns harmful rays and in turn saves you money in air conditioning expenses. Additionally most of the owners of a spray foam roofing system are able to pay it off well within the warranty period because of the low utility cost.

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