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Conklin Flat and Low Sloped Roof Restoration in louisville, henderson, and evansville kY

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A roof that is nearly flat or slightly pitched is what is known as a flat roof or a low slope roof.  Fun Fact:  No roof should be dead flat, because it must have at least a slight slope to drain water off of the roof.  Flat & Low Slope tend to use a continuous membrane covering which will help keep water from pooling on the roof.  The water needs to flow in a particular direction, so that water is running off the roof into a gutter.

I’m glad you have decided to check out this blog post.  So you are either interested in learning about Flat & Low Slope, so  keep reading, or you are a commercial roofer and you want to know more. I will try to keep this informative, and interesting.  So let’s learn something new.

Back in the day, low-slope or flat roofs would use a build up (tar & gravel) roof.  Not today, because this traditional type of roof doesn’t perform as well, and the cost plus environmental concerns with this type of roofing, just isn’t feasible.  Bunkum Valley Roofing can offer a better solution. Allow us to give your roof restoration! Call us today for a free estimate.

Flat & Low Slop Roofs

Low Flat Slop Roof

The Flat & Low Slope roof needs to withstand the winds, the freezing and thawing effects.  You also have to take in account the hot sun ray’s, that beat down on your roof.  You need to remember that expansion & contraction from freezing and thawing, plus your roof needs to remain 100% water tight.   So let’s see what a Conklin Single Ply Membrane roof can do for you.

Single Ply Membrane

Single Ply

As older roofs break down, and become weathered, rooftops can crack, and begin to leak, and pick up all types of debris.  At this time it will decrease the roofs effectiveness and it won’t be saving you money.  It will be costing your  money.  This is when you get a Conklin elastomeric coatings will provide a new cost-effective solution foe either repairing or preserving approved single-ply membrane roof.  Thus giving you an improved energy savings.  Who doesn’t like savings?

Advantages of Conklin’s Singly Ply Membrane

With this system it will be able to stop leaks, increase your energy efficiency and will lower utility expense.  This roof offers a cool white reflective surface, and it will extend the life of your existing roof system.  Their is always some maintenance that you have to do on any type of roof.  Good maintenance is a key to anything that you have.

Eliminates Future Tear-Offs

In many years from now, when it’s time to renew your superior protection of your Conklin’s roof system.  Believe it or not a simple re-coat will do the trick! Multiple re-coats can be done for the entire life of your roof system.  Saving you the expense of a new roof.  With Conklin’s re-coat our material warranty may also be extended!

How the Application Works

Bunkum Valley RoofBunkum Valley Roof 2

The first step you are going to do is clean roof with phosphoric acid, then we will Power wash and clean your roof with the Conklin Roof cleaner.  Since this is considered a flat roof/low slope you need to make sure that the roof is good and dry before going onto the next step,

We will then treat your commercial roof with a sealer primer, then the installation of the membrane layer will be put down, making sure that your seams overlap.  The seams will then be welded together together to form an exceptionally durable, water proof, and energy efficient shield that will deliver unsurpassed protection for years to come.  We will also make sure that all of joins and opening are welded.

Benefits of Single-Ply Membrane Roofing

This system is long lasting and durable, and will resist damage from chemicals and acidic rain.  The area that you are in Louisville KY, Henderson KY and Evansville KY, does see a lot of rain, so you will want to make sure that your roof is protected.  When applying the Single-Ply won’t break the bank when installing it.  This Single-Ply is highly water-resistant and it will stop leaks.  Non of us want to have our commercial roof leaking.  With having a white roof, you will have better heat reflection from the sun’s rays.  Thus it will save you on cooling your building.

Routine Maintenance

Here at Bunkum Valley Roofing we do suggest that you have us come back annual cleaning, and inspection on your roof.  By doing an annual inspection you will find out if you do have any issues and it can be taken care of quickly.  This roof maintains maximum the reflectivity and energy savings because its surface is resistant to dirt and discoloration.


Here at Bunkum Valley Roofing “Our Commitment is to exceed our customers expectation on every project we do.”   We are the right roofing contractor  for the job.  We will make a difference in every roof we do.  Bunkum Valley Roofing, we have been warranty trained for all of Conklin Commercial Roofs.  So give us a call, and we make your roof look new again.

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