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Spring has Sprung, and So has Your Commercial Roof

water leak

You have arrived at work, and noticed that their are buckets on the floor, catching the dripping water.  You start to have all kind of thoughts running through your head.  Who am I going to find to fix this?  You are in luck Bunkum Valley Roofing can help you out if you live near Bloomington IN, and calm your fears.  Give them a call today, and you won’t be disappointed.

Free Estimates for you Roof

Free Estimates

Bunkum Valley Roofing is coming out to give you a free estimate.  You were right, you old roof needs to be restored.  That’s better than replacing the whole roof.  Now you won’t have to worry as much.  Bunkum Valley Roofing has set up a time with you to come back and fix your roof.  We will keep you updated on every step of the way.

Longer Life Span for your Roof


How long should your metal roof last?  Good question!  Building owners really like metal roofs, because they tend to last longer.  While a metal roof can last 25+ years.  Their are a number of reasons that can speed up their deterioration.  I’m sure you are wondering what can happen to your metal roof.  Here are a few things, hail, when it hails depending on the size it can leave dents in the roof.  The constant changes in temperatures between hot and cold.  Lack of maintenance – it is good to have a maintenance plan with Bunkum Valley Roofing.

Bunkum Valley Roofing will use Conklin’s Metal Roof Coating, this will seal off leaks and prevent them from coming back.  It will also make your roof stronger.  You will be happy to know that Conklin’s Metal Roof Restoration comes with a warranty.  This will give you peace of mind that your roof will be covered for anything that happens while you have a restoration system in place.

Who Doesn’t like a Cool White Roof?

When you have a cool white roof that is highly reflective.  This prevents the sun’s heat from penetrating the building.  The best thing about Conklin’s high-quality coating is that it is used on your metal restoration.  That it transforms an ordinary roof into an energy – efficient roof.  Think about the benefits that come with a cooler roof.  Savings on air conditioning costs.

Don’t Let your Problems get Bigger

bigger problems

It doesn’t matter how your roof was damaged, you just need it to get fixed!  If you don’t fix the problem it is just going to get bigger and worse.  If you have a leak it can further encourage mold growth.  Mold is one thing that you don’t want to have, as that will cause another issue; as you will have to have that removed.  Your ceilings, and walls will get stained.  Another thing to think about is your employees could slip and fall, then an injury could occur.  Can we say Workers Compensation.  None of us want that to happen.

Improve the Viability of your Building

commercial roof

Restoration is much more sustainable since they involve reusing your roof.  Your metal roof will be reinforced with Conklin’s Metal Roof Restoration process.  You will spend less money by not doing a tear off, and placing it in our landfills.  We will due the least amount of disruption to your business, so work can continue as normal.  Your roof will look new again!  You will have a new looking roof, that will last you longer and will extend the life & warranty of your Conklin Roof.

Let’s Talk about the Steps in doing your Restoration Work?


Hopefully now you understand the benefits that a roof restoration will do for your building.  So let’s talk about all of the steps.

First Step

We will pressure wash the entire roof, using Conklin’s quality high-performance products, this is an effective rust inhibiting cleaner to remove rust and prevent further oxidation on your roof.

Second Step

Once you roof is cleaned, we will prime/paint your current roof with a rust inhibiting primer.  This will help any rust coming through on your metal roof. We want to protect your roof as much as we can.  This is why we use this primer on your roof.

Third Step

At this point we will place Clonklin’s Butyl tape over the metal seams, to ensure that they are sealed.  As this is where most leaks occur is at the seams.  We will then check all of the fasteners to make sure that they are properly fastened down.  If we notice that you have some fasteners that the grommet is dried and cracked, we will replace the fastener at this time.  Sometimes we have to use a bigger fastener to secure your roof.  After this has been done, we will then use Conklin’s Kwik Kaulk on each fastener to ensure that they are sealed. 

Fourth Step

Now we will apply the white reflective top coat to ensure a seamless, waterproof finish to protect your roof for years to come.  Again we can tell you that by using Conklin’s Metal Restoration System, you will be ensured that you are extending your roof’s life and warranty. 

These steps extend thee life of your roof to make your commercial property to look more attractive.  Contact us here at Bunkum Valley Roofing to schedule your appointment, and to learn more about our metal restoration services.


The moral of this very informative entertaining story is, if your roof is leaking, or you are seeing rust on your roof.  Pick up the phone and give us a call.  If your looking for the BEST Conklin roofer in Bloomington Indiana area, well you found them.  So come and check us out for all of your Commercial Roofing needs.

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