Weather Affecting your Commercial Roof in Evansville IN?

After the winter that we have had, and the crazy spring and summer weather ahead of us. Is your commercial roof ready? Maybe you are already having problems. Don’t worry Bunkum Valley Roofing is here to help you out. You have found the right company.

Is Weather Affecting Your Commercial Roofing in Evansville IN?

Weather can wreak havoc on your commercial roof. Warm weather can cause a building, including your roof to expand, while the cold temperatures will cause it to contract. With more extreme changes in the temperature, the more extreme the expanding and contracting will do damage.

As we all know weather is unpredictable! Most often we are at its mercy. Yes, the weather affects our lives every day.
When the weather changes, you always worry if your roof is going to hold up. When the wind begins to pick up, and you see tree branches falling, you always hope that they don’t hit your roof. If it is a large branch that comes down hopefully it won’t put a hole in your roof, but if it does, don’t fear Bunkum Valley Roofing is here.

We all know that we can have weather that freezes everything! Often called the freeze/thaw effect. When this happens it can result in thermal shock to your roof. If you have one small gap in the seam of your roof, that when the water freezes, it can cause that seam to expand making room for a major leak. Did you know that frozen water can add up to 60 pounds of extra weight per cubic foot. If you have an older roof the freezing and thawing could cause problems for you.

Heavy snow while it piles up and becomes heavy, it can cause you a big headache. If you have a true flat roof or a low slope with a wide span. If you have a heavy snow on your roof, it can lead to a complete roof failure. The last thing you want to hear is loud popping and creaking noises. Your roof is trying to tell you that it is overloaded.
As spring time is here, we all know that “April Showers, Bring May Flowers”. But with the winter months, you can find that you just now have a leak in your roof. So now you have to worry about any inventory that you have, and any machinery in your building. Then we have the dreaded buckets on the floor catching the leaking water as it comes in.

Summer heat intense UV rays from the sun, can also weaken the seals and bonds on your roof. Then the humidity, the real enemies of your roof, which will boost the moisture and it can lead to rot and mold growth. Your HVAC is going to work overtime to try and keep your building cooler. If your HVAC breaks down you will have more foot traffic on your roof, which can cause damage to your roof.

Mother Nature

No matter what mother nature gives your roof, you need to be proactive, by making sure that Conklin roofing materials are used on your roof. By choosing Bunkum Valley Roofers a respected commercial roofer. You know that they will stand behind the product that they use.
It is also a great idea to have Bunkum Valley Roofing to do an inspection of your commercial roof, so you can stay ahead of any issues, that your commercial roof may encounter.

What Can a Spray Foam roof do for Your Commercial Roofing In Evansville IN?

Conklin’s Spray Polyurethane Foam is waterproof and insulates your commercial roof. The SPF can be used on flat roofs and low slope roofs. It also can be used on most roofing materials. However, it does work best on Metal, Concrete, Wood, and a built up Membrane.
When Bunkum Valley Roofers begin to do the SPF roofing system on your commercial roof that is metal. The first thing we will do is clean all of the debris off of your roof, and see if any metal needs replaced, if it does we will replace the metal.

Next, we will use phosphoric acid to clean your roof, this will effectively remove the rust off of your metal roof. This process bonds with the rust to create iron III oxide and water. After this process’s we will then power wash your whole roof. After we have power washed your roof, we will make sure that it is nice and dry.

Then it will be time to apply the acrylic latex for added protection to your commercial roof. This added protection is a weatherproof barrier for your roof. Stopping rain, hail, or other related debris from ever reaching the actual rooftops. The last step we will do is to apply a top coat of closed-cell foam. This process also gives you a bright white roof. This will help keep your business cooler.

Advantages of an SPF Roofing System

The SPF roofing system is completely seamless. Did you know that seams are the most common source of all roof leaks? The best thing is you don’t have to undergo a huge replacement process that could cost your business lost time at work. The SPF can be used on both low slope roofs and a flat roof. The SPF is thick and durable and will protect your roof for years to come. It will also reduce your energy costs! Who doesn’t like saving on energy costs?


By choosing Bunkum Valley Roofing you are choosing a certified team of commercial roofing contractors. We are also a preferred Conklin contractor. We stand behind the Conklin roofing systems. Non-prorated warranties up to 20 years depending on the system that we are installing on your commercial roof. Believe it or not, these warranties cover 100% of labor and materials.

You won’t be sorry when you choose Bunkum Valley Roofing for all of your Conklin Roofing needs. Feel free to give us a call, we will gladly come and give you a free estimate.

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